Democrats Need Our Support to Win This November

We must protect our hard-earned majority in the House and Senate. Losing even one seat means losing our Senate majority–and we can’t afford to fall short now.

Republicans are well-funded and fired up for 2022. If Mitch McConnell retakes control of the Senate, seditionist Republicans will have the power to steal the election for Trump in 2024

To defeat them, we need to start investing now.

Our goal is clear: to increase Democratic voter turnout during the November 2022 Midterm Elections. We will continue to deploy tested and proven voter turnout practices that have made a significant difference in races in 2020 and 2021.


Through extensive research, we have identified the most vulnerable races in the country and are focusing our resources on supporting the candidates we believe have what it takes to win.

Voters First Victory Fund needs your help to make the biggest impact this midterm election! Find out more about the races to watch in 2022 by clicking the link below:


This year, we plan to run massive voter turnout programs as we’ve done in Georgia, California, and Virginia. Increasing voter turnout in key states will be crucial to protecting voting rights and ensuring that insurrectionists are voted out of office in November.

309,275 postcards sent to key registered voters in 2021
309,275 postcards sent to key registered voters in 2021
309,275 postcards sent to key registered voters in 2021

Your support helps protect our democracy from Republicans that still refuse to accept the 2020 election results, and are holding our country hostage to their extremist agenda. Your dollar is going further with us!

For every $4.97 we will send 15 proven-effective voter turnout postcards to key voters.

How will you help Voters First Victory Fund hold the House and protect the Senate?

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