We are Voters First Victory Fund, a project created from the need to engage voters to go to the polls to defeat Trump in the 2020 elections. Our project was then called Stop Trump PAC and successfully assisted in Biden’s victory and in the 2020 Georgia Senate Runoff Elections. 


  • June 2020


  • November 2020

    Defeated Trump at the ballot box

  • December 2020

    Flipped both Georgia senate seats

  • January 2021

    Capitol Insurrection

  • September 2021

    California Recall



Our mission was to defeat Trump, but his culture of misinformation and hatred didn’t go away after he lost the election. He proved that he would continue to be an existential threat to our democracy and our republic by inciting an insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

Seditionists tried to overthrow our democracy. Now we need to remove and bar them from federal office.


Our goal as we advance is to protect our democracy by turning out key voters to beat any candidate that endorses Trump’s beliefs at the ballot box. Preventing and removing Trump supporter politicians from office during these polarized times is difficult, but it’s not impossible.

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Our donors support our efforts to encourage increased voter participation and active citizenship. Nearly 100,000 small-dollar donors like you powered the Stop Trump coalition in 2020. With your donation, we’ve developed and tested voter engagement campaigns that generated enough votes to make the difference in key swing states last November and flipped both Georgia Senate seats.

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Our plan is to hold Trump & seditionists accountable, apply citizen pressure, and turn out Democratic voters to beat them at the ballot box!

Follow up on our efforts, and we will keep you updated on how you can help with this plan


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